Therapist and
Receptionist Recruitment

Are you losing revenue because you are turning away guests due to a lack of staff? Are you taking a senior therapist out of the operation to train a new recruit? Are you waiting too long to fulfill vacancies after an associate has resigned? If you are suffering any of these issues, you are not alone. The majority of the spa industry is dealing with this daily. This is where Spa Connectors can help.

We can provide you with trained staff that are ready to generate revenue the minute they walk in your door. How? We train them in two of your chosen protocols and guest service journey so they can begin working on clients from the get go. Our process is seamless. We source, you interview, visa process commences, we train and they arrive ready to rock and roll 1 – 3 months later. 

To enter our network, the candidate must pass through our rigorous screening process so you can be certain you are gaining only the best from Spa Connectors.

Ask about our ROI projection so you can see just how worthwhile our solution will be for your business.

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